About Anthem Advisors

Anthem Advisors’ Mission is to honor God by equipping stewards on their financial journey.

Anthem Advisors, based in Huntsville, Alabama, is a private wealth advisory practice partnered with OneAscent. We are passionate about serving clients in all areas of financial management: from financial planning and investment management to leaving a well-stewarded legacy. We work closely with our clients, to ensure they receive the care and service they desire.

Anthem Advisors’ processes are designed to align your financial plan and investments with what you value most in life. As we get to know you more, we design and adjust your financial plan to your preferences. Clients appreciate the intentional approach of investing we take, by helping them to align their investments with their values.

For clients to live well and finish well, it is critical to take a holistic view and objectively establish meaningful goals pertaining to their:

  • Stewardship – the management of one’s resources
  • Investments – a mechanism used to generate income
  • Planning – to have a specific aim or purpose

3 primary questions our planning experience equips clients to answer:

  1. How am I doing? (Am I on the right path, doing the right things?)
  2. How long will I be ok? (What is my margin for error?)
  3. What could take me off my path? (Can I mitigate those risks?)

The answers to these questions are based on clients’ unique worldview, circumstances and opportunities. Our role, as your advisor, is to ask pivotal questions; monitor your progress; “stress-test” your success likelihood; and help you implement recommended changes.

3 primary questions our investing experience equips clients to answer:

  1. What core values do I hold, and are they integrated into my investments?
  2. Am I making progress in stewarding the assets I’ve been entrusted?
  3. Does my advisor know where I stand?