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Anthem Advisor Highlight: Emily Scott

Why did you become a financial advisor?

Honestly, when I was younger, I planned on marrying someone who knew the money stuff because I didn’t want to worry about it. Finances were a scary thing to me, mostly because I didn’t know much about it.

But then, one day I realized if I learned it myself, then I wouldn’t worry. Shortly after, I took a Dave Ramsey course in high school and learned I could teach other people, and that was the moment I knew what I was called to do. I jumped right into college studying for certification. How I found Anthem would be a much longer story.

Who were some leaders/mentors in your life that helped shape you along the way?

I’m fortunate to have my dad as a leading mentor in my life. He has such wisdom that he has passed to me, applicable both to life and career. His intentionality in teaching me and my sisters is something I will always admire about him.

One of his most memorable lessons to me was about how to approach a problem or emergency. Step one is to stop the bleed. This means finding the source of the issue and stopping it. Which is incredibly applicable right now with the current market season.

But before that is step zero which is to not panic. If you’re panicking, that’s when you lose your ability to focus and can’t get to step one. So, when I talk to clients, I keep this in mind because we can panic in a hurry with the market or economy. But as soon as we take a breath and step aside from panic, we can stop the bleed and work on addressing the situation.

What aspects of your work are you passionate about?

I am most passionate about sitting with someone and helping them see what their future could look like. To walk with them on their journey, identify goals and live meaningfully.

What advice would you give to someone who is skeptical about going to a financial advisor?

I would tell them that they should be. They have every right to interview an advisor to find out if they are a good match. I interviewed at countless firms to find a spot where I could be the advisor I’d want to be. Growing up around Liberty University, I heard this quote:

“If it’s Christian, it ought to be better.” 

Jerry Falwell Sr.

That’s why it’s different here. We’re on the same team as the client and focused on what works best for them. Here, clients aren’t just a number, we care about what people go through and the legacy they want to leave. We challenge them on stewardship, generosity, and living out their beliefs.

Emily’s Story

My story is one of faith and fearlessness. I graduated with a degree in business administration with a cognate in financial planning. I also published my first book while I was in college and maintained writing devotions on the side.

As I entered the professional world, I wrestled with my background and passions, making it incredibly difficult for me to find a good fit. I interviewed at dozens and dozens of companies, and each one felt off. I talked to so many advisors at all levels trying to piece together what I wanted to do and how I felt convicted as a Christian to do something different than what each place offered me.

My final push was going to Washington D.C. I accepted an offer and passed one of the certifications. However, on the way up to tour the city, I felt sick. I knew this wasn’t the right fit either. I couldn’t shake the calling anymore, and I finally decided to answer the call and move to Alabama.

The company I accepted in D.C. had a branch in Huntsville, so I packed up my life and took off on this new adventure. I had no idea what God had in store for me, but I started passing all the certification exams. I adopted my dog, Milo, and met my now husband at the dog park.

I thought everything was on track. But then, the same morning I passed the last licensing exam, the employer called to tell me to move back to Virginia. I was stunned. It was too late to move back “home” at this point, but I knew God had called me here for a reason.

That’s when I reached out to Cavett, among other local advisors to get guidance. The morning I came in, I was a hot mess; I had no idea what Anthem Advisors was or that Values Based Investing existed. As soon as Cavett unpacked that this office was about living out our convictions and helping clients do the same, I knew I was meant to be here.

God had allowed me to witness that other firms were about numbers, but where He wanted me to be was about hearts. Anthem Advisors does much more than just managing assets. This was an opportunity to live out my passion for serving families and helping them with their financial visions while making an impact for the kingdom.

At Anthem, we take our convictions and passions, and we apply them every day. We have the opportunity to walk the journey with our clients. We have a team that manages the investments and portfolio wisely and partners that come alongside our team to help the clients maintain their investment objectives. We get the opportunity to serve our clients well with holistic planning, in order to ensure they enter retirement with confidence.

Anthem Advisors

We do wealth management and retirement planning. That means we manage the assets of a retirement and/or investment account, and apply VBI to manage those mindfully. We also help people get a clearer picture of what retirement might look like for them and help them with every step along the way. We are as hands-on or off as they need or want. We also do a myriad of other services to enhance this idea of stewardship.

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